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GALLIMAUFRY is a motley collection of poems and prose. It is a world on its own, where your heart may be warmed or broken, where reality bends, where despair and darkness prowl, and where you may smile, even laugh, with delight.

A Tale of Life is a touching, sad, and I hope beautiful story for dog lovers. It came into being when one day I looked at my aging dog, Oakley, and realised that he wouldn’t be with me much longer.
A second dog story, Oakley’s Christmas, is actually a telling of an episode years earlier, when Oakley was lost for days during the winter.

I Am Not Myself is quite personal, as are several of the poems in Gallimaufry. When introspection leads to self-doubt, depression, or some other misery, building a poem is often my best way out, up, or back. I Thought At First, Insanity, and Only House, are other poems in this vein.

Storm is just an odd story, that tweaks reality in the nose. It is set in Toronto, during a blizzard that has knocked electricity out and covered roads, vehicles and everything else in metres of drifted snow.
The Incarnations of Roebuckster and Twit also take pokes at reality, though Twit has a more sombre aspect as well.

A Truly Canadian Poem is fun nonsense in verse. Each province and territory of the country comes in for a bit of good-natured teasing.
It shares rollicking rhyme and rhythm with A Pre-Christmas Poem, which was written while waiting for a building contractor to show up.

In all there are nine stories, ten poems, and four excerpts from previous and upcoming publications, in Gallimaufry. It is an exploration of moods, experiences, and states of mind.

The print edition is available at Amazon .ca and .com, and most other Amazon sites.

FIFTEEN ALLIGATORS is a delightful rhyming story for young children.

Where do 15 alligators go when they go out for tea? You’ll find out with your child, as you read this to him or her.

Fifteen Alligators bubbles merrily along, making it fun both to listen to and to read aloud. Lively illustrations round out this whimsical nonsense tale.

The first ten pages of Fifteen Alligators are available to download.

The print edition is available at Amazon .ca and .com, as well as most other Amazon sites.
E-book editions are available here.

BOLAND, THE BEGINNING is a fantasy-adventure story for readers aged 9-12.

Eleven-year-old Frost is miserable when she and her mother move to tiny Port Elwood on the east coast. But between her new friend Vera, and their teacher Mr. Roland, things soon become very interesting.

Vera takes Frost to Boland, a place—a Way of World—that just can’t exist. Nor can the people. Peace-loving people like Lars, Flyer and Dal, with their telepathy—mind-talking—and, and....

But the impossible is true, and worse yet, Mr. Roland isn’t just a creepy teacher. He’s Loki, a renegade from Boland, with plans for Boland and Port Elwood.

Frost gradually realises that her new life is far from boring, and that she, Vera and Dal, are a key part of the struggle to stop Loki and his pal Blaise.The first three chapters of this novel are available to download.

The first three chapters are available for download.

The print edition is available at Amazon .ca and .com, as well as most other Amazon sites.
E-book editions are available here.

MUSINGS OF PER GRINSOM Anyone who enjoys pondering and reflecting on things small and large, will appreciate Musings.

The Cat is a touching account of several meetings with a stray cat who needed help one cold winter. It happened very much as Per tells it in this opening story of Musings.

The City was inspired by Montreal. But it could, as Per reminds me, be any city, anywhere, bidding good-bye to its nighttime self as day dawns.
Musings also takes readers beyond The City, to places like The Sea, and a lake to watch a Sunset.

The Young Man was a Newfoundlander encountered, respected and learned from, over 30 years ago. Strange to think it has been that long, because of course he endures in memory as he appeared then, and as Per tells it.
Musings introduces readers to other people as well. The Child describes a heart-felt experience with a fictional foster child, while Charmers introduces lovers of life. In Tolerance and Barbarians, people are not merely what they appear on the surface.

Altogether there are 16 reflections and anecdotes in Musings of Per Grinsom, each warmly told and highly engaging.

The print edition is available at Amazon .ca and .com, as well as most other Amazon sites.
E-book editions are available here.